Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Sunday, 09-Jun-2024 22:36

The front at the southern borders remains tense, with intensified Israeli targeting of Lebanese villages and towns. This has been met with direct retaliation from Hezbollah, which has bombed additional Israeli sites and barracks.

Domestically, the presidential file remains unresolved. In his sermon today, Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi said, "If only the officials would place the 'Lebanese cause' above all considerations."

The current situation was also a focal point in the sermon by Metropolitan Elias Audi of Beirut, who remarked, "It seems that the officials neither hear the people's groans nor see the misery of most of this country's citizens."

Regarding the presidential movement, the head of the Marada Movement reassured the Lebanese people that "a settlement in Lebanon is coming and is very close; there is no need for fear or despair."

From Bkerke, Gebran Bassil, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, called on all parties involved in the presidential file, saying, "We must agree on the proposed options, and we will communicate with everyone."

In Gaza, amid ongoing suffering, destruction, and massacres by the Israeli army, efforts are underway to reach an agreement to return prisoners and stop the war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed that "Hamas conditions the cessation of war on a prisoner exchange deal, and I will not agree to that." In response, the Al-Qassam Brigades announced that "Israel killed three detainees, one of whom was American, during the Nuseirat operation."

The catastrophic results of Netanyahu's war and his insistence on continuing it led to the official resignation of Benny Gantz from the emergency government. Gantz called for new elections and urged Netanyahu to set a date for them.

Regionally, the Iranian Guardian Council excluded Ahmadinejad from the presidential elections.

In the latest events in the Red Sea, the Houthis announced targeting a British destroyer with ballistic missiles, although Britain denied this occurred.

Amidst regional and international developments, the Turkish Foreign Minister will visit Russia on Monday and Tuesday to participate in a BRICS Foreign Ministers' meeting.