Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Wednesday, 03-Apr-2024 20:18

President Elias El-Murr received former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Defense, Ambassador Lisa Johnson, at his residence in Rabieh this afternoon, discussing with her the latest developments locally and regionally.


Locally, Patriarch Rai emphasized during a Mass on the Feast of Annunciation that "electing a president for the republic is held hostage to personal and sectarian calculations."


In southern Lebanon, the exchange of artillery fire between the conflicting military parties continues in the security field. In this context, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah affirmed that "the flood of Al-Aqsa has put the Israeli entity on the brink of extinction, even if it takes time," indicating that "the direct fighting support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq are bearing and making sacrifices."


In another context, a senior Pentagon official revealed to "Sky News Arabia" that "the Biden administration has decided to enhance security measures for its embassies and consulates in Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan."


Regionally, the political bureau chief of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, announced during the "Jerusalem Forum" event that "we adhere to our demands for a permanent ceasefire, comprehensive withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the return of refugees, and the conclusion of a prisoner exchange deal."


Regarding the developments of the war in Gaza, Axios reported significant disagreements between the United States and Israel regarding the Rafah operation. According to sources, the U.S. side informed Israel that the evacuation operation from Rafah could take four months, a proposition rejected by Tel Aviv.


Meanwhile, the Iranian President stated during the "International Quds Day" event that "Washington is a definite partner in Israeli crimes in Gaza," indicating that "the attack on our consulate in Damascus is evidence of Israel's failure and will not go unanswered."


Furthermore, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar noted that "the international community has not acted appropriately to stop the war in Gaza," adding that "negotiations are still stalled due to the same disagreements we faced in Paris."


The White House announced that it does not expect the Israeli strike on relief workers to affect ceasefire discussions in Gaza.


In a new step, the Arab League called on the Security Council to take a decision under Chapter Seven compelling Israel to halt its ceasefire in Gaza.


Economically, gold prices stabilized after further record highs on Wednesday, as increasing tensions in the Middle East and hopes for a reduction in U.S. interest rates prompt investors to seek safe-haven assets.