Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Al Joumhouria” News Summary”
Friday, 01-Mar-2024 22:05

The presidential cooking is on "semi-burning fire" amidst ongoing movements of the ambassadors of the "Quintet" aiming to unify the vision of Lebanese political forces to reach a roadmap for completing the process of electing a president.


In light of this, Prime Minister Najib Mikati praised the efforts of the committee members and their keenness on Lebanon's stability and security, wishing "that the deputies would shoulder their responsibilities in electing the president."


Meanwhile, the Egyptian ambassador affirmed in a statement from the Serail that "the position of the Quintet is unified, and there are no disputes among its members," indicating that "the challenges and obligations the region will witness necessitate having a president in Lebanon who speaks on its behalf, and this is of utmost importance. This is what we seek during the coming period, namely, creating an atmosphere and reaching a clear commitment from the political forces that have a genuine desire to end this matter as soon as possible."


In the context of domestic stances, Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri said, "Yes, Lebanon pays a hefty price for standing with Palestine, and that is our destiny, but it must be emphasized that what is happening in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, if, God forbid, the fall of these Arab geographies will not only be the fall of Palestine but also the fall of Arab national security, and it is a fall of humanity as a whole."


Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the deliberate killing of innocent civilians in Gaza, calling for an international investigative committee to prevent the responsible party from escaping accountability and punishment.


As the confrontational rounds continue between the parties of missile warfare on the southern Lebanese front, Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib stated in an interview with "Al Jazeera" that "the government is consulting with Hezbollah, and the consultation is binding and does not imply a final decision," considering that "any Israeli attack on our territories will not be a walk in the park and will lead to a regional war," stressing that "we want peace on the borders, and we are prepared for war if imposed on us."


On the livelihood front, Finance Minister Youssef Khalil affirmed that "the total cost of the aid provided is significant in the budget, estimated at around 2.9 trillion Lebanese pounds monthly, making the total cost of salaries, wages, and retirement pensions around 10.7 trillion Lebanese pounds monthly, including the salaries and wages of municipalities and public institutions."


In Italy, Army Chief of Staff General Joseph Aoun is participating in a meeting organized by Italian authorities to discuss ways to support the military institution to face the current exceptional circumstances, with the participation of the chiefs of staff of Spain, Germany, Britain, and France.


Regionally, the bloody war in besieged Gaza entered its 147th day, with random shelling continuing in several areas of the sector amid a famine that has become a reality, while international mediators race against time to achieve a ceasefire before the arrival of Ramadan.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed pessimism about the possibility of reaching an agreement to stop the fighting in Gaza and release the hostages, accusing Hamas of obstruction instead of making efforts to settle. Netanyahu said, "We face a wall of Hamas' imaginary and unrealistic demands."


The website "Axios" reported that Israeli officials said, "Qatar and Egypt proposed a third round of talks in Cairo, but Israel refused."


Amidst the rising toll of the Israeli aggression on Gaza to 30,228 killed and 71,377 injured, the United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a statement holding Israel responsible for the massacre committed by Israeli forces on "Rashid Street" in Gaza City, against Palestinians who were waiting for aid trucks.


The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, emphasized that "a ceasefire has become an imperative necessity to save hundreds of thousands from death by hunger or bombing," urging all international powers to "intensify pressure on Israel to stop this daily massacre and adhere to international law and humanitarian law."


In a series of cumulative Arab events, Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, announced that seven hostages held in Gaza were killed as a result of Israeli shelling on the sector, according to Reuters.


The Israeli army and the Shin Bet security agency announced the release of about 40 Palestinians detained under administrative detention "to provide space for the detained with the highest threat level."


Meanwhile, families of Israeli hostages held by Hamas organized a demonstration in Tel Aviv in front of a subsidiary office of the US embassy, where the participants closed the road leading to the mentioned office.


Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Stéphane Seguin and German Foreign Minister Analina Birbouque demanded an independent investigation into the killing of more than 110 people during Israeli gunfire while distributing aid in northern Gaza. French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his strong condemnation, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire and facilitating aid delivery.


This morning, Friday, the Israeli army artillery targeted a school in the city of Hamad, which shelters displaced people northwest of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip.


In a new escalation of Western military aggression, the US Central Command announced the destruction of several missiles and one drone belonging to "Ansar Allah" in Yemen, which were ready to be launched towards the Red Sea.


The Islamic Republic News Agency reported that a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy, who was working as a military advisor in Syria, was killed in an airstrike suspected to be Israeli today.


Internationally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed during the diplomatic forum in Antalya, Turkey, that "Russia does not expect any changes in relations with Washington after the presidential elections in the United States in November 2024."