07 February 2014
LAF enhance security measures to prevent suicide attacks, search women

Military sources reported to Al Joumhouria Newspaper that the Army Command has lately enhanced security measures to prevent any potential terrorist attack or any other security breach.

According to the sources, the command has created an operation room to follow the security situation closely and took several preventive measures, especially after receiving information that terrorists are plotting to conduct dangerous suicide attacks using new surprising techniques.

Following Choueifat’s minibus attack, it turned out that the suicide bombers are using random techniques and are planning to target shopping malls and religious premises for both Christians and Muslims.

Meanwhile, security sources told the daily that the extremist terrorist groups in Lebanon have shifted their operational system and are now recruiting women to smuggle explosives since females are usually not searched on checkpoints.

However, the Army Command who is aware of the seriousness of the situation, issued a decision and imposed the search of women, in particular in regions where the security situation is very delicate, such as in areas near Palestinian refugee camps.

The sources also revealed that after interrogating suspect Omar al-Atrash, the security apparatuses learned that there are several terrorist groups planning to carry out suicide attacks across Lebanon via many suicide bombers and groups.

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