20 November 2013
Berri to Al Joumhouria: Party behind Tuesday’s attack threatened to assassinate Rai, Kawhaji and myself

In an interview with Al Joumhouria Newspaper, Speaker Nabih Berri said that the suicide attacks that targeted the Iranian Embassy in Beirut on Tuesday aim at taking Lebanon into a new level that turns the country into a “battlefield for Jihad”.

Berri who expressed his fears over this kind of assaults, said that he still “bets on the Lebanese people’s awareness that was translated by the reactions that followed the incident, as the majority of officials who realize the seriousness of dangers threatening Lebanon, denounced the attack and assumed responsibility.”

Berri then urged once again the different parties to attend dialogue sessions and discuss ways to avoid the perils the country is facing, praising PSP Leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s position from Tuesday’s attack.

The Speaker of the Parliament also revealed that the people behind the assault against the Iranian Embassy are the same ones who threatened to assassinate him and Maronite Patriarch Cradina Mar Beshara Boutros Rai, as well as Army Commander Jean Kahwaji.

“The identity and the origin of these people are well known”, Berri stated.

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