22 January 2014
Top security official to Al Joumhouria: Car used in Tuesday’s bombing was monitored

In an interview with Al Joumhouria Newspaper, a top security official said that the ISF have arrested a few days earlier the burglar who stole the car that exploded on Tuesday in Haret Hreik.

The man, identified as Ahmad al-Mousawi, has also confessed to have stolen the car used in Hermel’s bombing that took place last Thursday.

Mousawi reportedly managed with his “companions” to steel over 30 cars across Lebanon and was covered by his relatives who are part of a Lebanese party.

According to the official, the first gang includes: Zein, Ali and Mohammad Jaafar, who managed to steel around 25 cars.

The second gang includes: Moussa and Mahdi al-Ali, as well as Hassan Merhi and the two brothers Mohammad and Hussein Fayez Nasreddine from Hermel.

The official added that the suspects are selling the cars to Syrian and Lebanese armed groups in the Lebanese border town of al-Kasr, stressing the arrest of Mousawi doesn’t mean that he is the one behind Tuesday’s car bomb.

Mousawi apparently has stolen the car and sold it to a man named Maher Tleis, who for his part, sold it to another party. Arresting Tleis could lead into finding out who rigged the car and conducted the operation.

The official also revealed that the car used in yesterday’s attack was being monitored. However, the plate number was changed and the perpetrators succeeded at their plan.

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